Dr. Jeremiah

Passionate Speaker, Motivator, Leader

Dr. Maryalyce Jeremiah is a motivational speaker who provides tailored inspiration and encouragement to business people seeking professional growth, athletes and educational institutions seeking team building and motivation, church and philanthropic groups seeking spiritual growth, and individuals seeking self-discovery and personal development.

Professional Development

Dr. Jeremiah will help your team members pursue value-centered personal and professional goals while focusing on the importance of working together in a high-morale environment. If all team members are on the same path your product quality and service effectiveness will generate the excitement necessary for enduring success.

Personal Development

It is easy to forget that personal growth is a never ending climb that depends on our willingness to make behavioral changes. This climb is very personal and sometimes difficult, but there is none more rewarding. Dr. Jeremiah is committed to empowering individuals toward this kind of personal growth…and a truly magnificent climb.

Spiritual Development

The path to spiritual growth is one that has been traveled by many and throughout history. An inner yearning keeps people searching for meaning. Whether you have found that meaning or are still seeking, Dr. Jeremiah will help you discover your spiritual High Places and motivate you on your climb to spiritual significance.