“Obstacles are what we see, when we take our eyes off the goal.”  In our world today, there are so many distractions moment by moment that keep us from being focused.  These distractions turn into obstacles and before we know it, the obstacles are all that we see.  I believe that staying focused is a “skill”that needs to be practiced before we become  very good at it. Practicing staying focused demands that we recognize when those practice sessions come into our lives.  It is one of the more difficult professional and personal skills to acquire. 
One of the best training grounds for practicing this skill is in the car.  We have all been in this situation many times and know how easy it is to lose focus on the highway and on other drivers. We always think we can “multitask” in the car. If we recognize this as a drill that helps us to acquire the skill of staying focused, it will surprise us how much transfer this can be to other areas of our lives.  Try being aware of the situations where you can practice this skill.  As you get better in the drills, you will see how much more efficient you will be in the “game” personally and professionally.


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Dr. Maryalyce Jeremiah’s experience spans over 35 years of collegiate coaching, administration, and public speaking. She has become a sought-after motivational and encouragement speaker and has inspired a variety of groups with her upbeat positive seminars.

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