One of the things that all humans share is the necessity of waiting.  We are all required to wait for something, someone, or  sometime throughout most of our lives.  One would think, with all the practice that we get, that we would get better at it.  I have found it to be one of the most difficult things to do with any kind of patience or peace.  We become anxious and frustrated and sometimes even angry that things or times just don’t happen quickly enough. But just as with any other “high place”, it takes persistence and commitment to wait patiently when it gets hard.  High mountain climbers teach us valuable lessons about the importance of waiting.  They remind us that “going too high too fast” is very dangerous and that knowing when to wait and when to go can be a life saving skill.  An Everest climber has stated it very well, “a stillness descends and the mountain beckons those who have waited.”  Whatever you may be waiting for, look for the stillness that can be a part of the wait and the “high place” of waiting patiently gets closer and closer. If we  believe that Life is Better at  the Top,  the wait becomes worth it.

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Dr. Maryalyce Jeremiah’s experience spans over 35 years of collegiate coaching, administration, and public speaking. She has become a sought-after motivational and encouragement speaker and has inspired a variety of groups with her upbeat positive seminars.

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