Personal Development

It is often difficult to find the right balance of having our own needs met while at the same time being the kind of person with whom others want to associate. We struggle with our desire to work well with other people and feel accepted and valued as a unique individual.

personal development

Embrace the challenge of the climb.

Personal growth can be an exciting process if we become aware of our own uniqueness. To understand that “what makes us successful also can contribute to our mistakes” is a crucial first step. Wanting to grow in our personal interactions with others and having the passion to commit to the behavioral changes required for this growth is possible at any age. Being challenged by the difficulty of this process is what allows this personal development to become a reality for you. The climb is rewarding and Dr. Jeremiah is eager to help you understand the necessity of climbing in recognizing your true value for yourself and to others.

Dr. Jeremiah understands how difficult the climb to personal development can be. She is eager to help you no matter where you find yourself in the process. Her many years of providing personal support to groups and individuals who desire to reach their personal summit enable her to encourage and motivate you to keep climbing. She will help you understand that no matter how long the journey may take you, as long as you do not stop, you are on your way to your personal High Place.

Dr. Jeremiah will:

  • Help you discover your personal High Places
  • Encourage you to embrace the need for personal change
  • Assist you as you immerse yourself in the preparation for the climb
  • Teach you how to overcome obstacles along the way

Contact Dr. Jeremiah today to set up a speaking engagement so that you can begin your road to self discovery now, because life is better at the top!