Spiritual Development

Spiritual growth can only progress with faith in our lives. To know and understand a God who longs to love us and comfort us is an important first step. Everyone wants to be happy but few know the difference between happiness and real joy….the joy that lives deep inside of us and is always there. Happiness is temporary and depends on the circumstances in our lives while joy is a spiritual High Place. Real spiritual development hinges on our willingness to discover and commit to climbing to that High Place.

self discovery

Experience the joy of your spiritual high place.

Dr. Jeremiah has extensive experience speaking to church and philanthropic groups, prayer breakfasts, Bible studies and others who are on the journey towards spiritual development.

Dr. Jeremiah will:

  • Help you discover and commit to your own spiritual High Place
  • Use Biblical applications to encourage your climb
  • Recognize the pitfalls of spiritual development and climb through them
  • Answer challenging questions about the reality of faith

“The Lord is my strength, He will make my feet like hinds feet and He will make me walk on my HIGH PLACES”.

Contact Dr. Jeremiah today to set up a speaking engagement so that you can begin your road to spiritual growth now, because life is better at the top!