Dr. Jeremiah has spoken for a variety of businesses and organizations sharing her message with audiences both large and small.

Joe Lins, President, Century 21 Discovery
“Your presentation was very well timed and just the right tone, showing both your knowledge and passion for the subject. You truly empower people around you. I admire you for your willingness to share, encourage, and bring out the best in others. You Rock!”

Susan Emmons, President, Assistance League of Fullerton
“Thank you for your inspiring presentation. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from our members and guests.”

Lisa Kline, Mastermind Alliance
“Dr. Jeremiah has an engaging and warm speaking style. I felt like she was speaking directly to me. Dr. Jeremiah uses humor and personal stories to bring her message home. A very uplifting lunch! Thank you Dr. Jeremiah.”

Andrea J. Becker, Ph.D., Department of Kinesiology, California State University, Fullerton
”I appreciated the opportunity to listen to your words, your philosophies, and your life wisdom. I love your ideas, but more importantly, I love how you own them. You live them. You are a teacher. You are a coach. You are a true inspiration!”

Beverly Thomson. Mastermind Alliance
“It was truly an inspiring and interesting presentation given by Dr. Maryalyce Jeremiah at our Mastermind Alliance meeting. I could have listened to her much longer. If you are looking for an inspiring motivator for groups of any age, I highly recommend Dr. Jeremiah.”

Jane, Turning Points Ministries Staff Member
“Your use of mountain climbing as an analogy to reaching God’s high places was both inspirational and informative. It left a visual reminder of how to keep your eyes on the goal and not become discouraged.”

Matt, Turning Point Ministries Staff Member
“Thank you for a wonderful talk. I will always remember to find my high places.”

Valence Chung, Student, Sports Marketing Class
“You have taught me so many things and have truly inspired me to climb to the top to reach my goals even though there may be many obstacles. Though I may fail at times, I shouldn’t be afraid because failure can only make me stronger as a person. For these life lessons that opened up my eyes, and I am grateful.”

Bramwell Freeman, Student, Sports Marketing Class
“I cannot thank you enough! This has truly been such a blessing. You have been inspirational and we as students love the passion you have when you speak about reaching our high place!”

Francisco Garcia, Student, Sports Marketing Class
“You are a very motivating person, and I really appreciate the passion and determination that you demonstrated in every single one of the anecdotes shared. I am completely certain that we are all capable of reaching our very own “high places” if we just prove to ourselves how valuable and unique we are, and learn to respect each other.”

Puja Rami, Student, Sports Marketing Class
“You are such a positive, inspiring and motivational person. I am at a point in my life where I need that kind of energy, and I really soaked it all up. I love your energy and I will carry those lessons with me. They definitely made a little shift in my perspective, and that is something I really needed.”

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